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Rose Gold Events is a full-service event and wedding planning company based in Seattle, Washington; offering a variety of services from vendor referrals to Custom Planning and Coordination. Rose Gold Events believes that it is YourLove. YourStory. YourDay. and is dedicated to making your dreams a reality! Let us handle all the tedious details allowing you to enjoy your special day!

Take a look at our packages you may be interested in. Let us know if you find something that fits or if you want to mix and match - we can tailor our services to fit your needs! Please contact Bailey for a complimentary consultation.

Why Hire a Wedding Planner? My Favorite Question!

Hiring a wedding planner can be a tough decision for most newly engaged couples. The thought of spending extra money on something they feel they can do themselves, or with help from family and friends, seems silly. However, a wedding planner is a professional and knows the industry best! Your planner can actually save you money and time. Before deciding if a wedding planner is right for you, take time to read what a wedding planner has to offer!

Planning a Wedding Requires A LOT of Time...

Wedding planning can be tough and frustrating work. According to The Huffington Post, a bride spends on average 10-25 hours a week planning her wedding (hard to believe right)! It is basically like having a part time job! Most couples these days are young professionals with busy lifestyles that do not have enough time or energy to put into planning their own wedding. Not to mention, most vendors function on a 9 to 5 schedule making it difficult for working professionals to get in contact with their desired vendors. Hiring a wedding planner will ensure you still have a life during your engagement allowing you and your fiancé to enjoy this exciting time! You also won’t have the stress of trying to contact vendors while you are working. Making you and your boss very happy!

With so Many Options it's Hard to Stay Focused...

With Pinterest and Etsy increasing in popularity, it’s harder than ever for brides to stay focused on creating a cohesive design for their wedding. With hundreds of inspiration boards, unique favor ideas, fun color combos, beautiful bouquets and centerpieces, a couple can feel lost when trying to decide on their final wedding look using these sites. A wedding planner can help you sift through your ideas and offer suggestions to help create a uniform look that fits your personality, is realistic and on budget.

Staying on Budget can be a Nightmare...

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive! According to The Wedding Report the average Seattle wedding costs $31,000. Crazy, right? If you don't budget effectively, you can spend even more! Knowing how much to spend on your venue, food, bar, flowers, photography, music, etc. can be a difficult task. A wedding planner knows the industry, they know what percentage of your budget should be allocated to each item, which vendors are the best for your budget, can prevent you from making costly mistakes, and know tricks to save money. Ultimately they help you stay on budget!

Creating the Perfect Dream Team can Make or Break Your Day...

Finding the perfect vendors for you is key to creating your perfect day! On the day of your wedding all the vendors must come together and act as a team to create a seamless wedding day. Your wedding planner has an extensive network of vendors which they have worked with in the past. They can steer you towards vendors that will match your style and budget and away from vendors that are not the right fit or don't work well together.

Taking Care of all the Details...

There are many details involved in planning a wedding! Most of the small, yet important, details can easily be overlooked if you have never planned or attended a wedding before. That is where your wedding planner comes in, they can offer advice and guidance on all those important details making sure nothing is forgotten. Leaving you to not worry or panic on the day of your wedding if you realized you forgot something last minute.

You Can't be in Two Places at Once...

Many brides want to plan and coordinate all the details of their wedding, which is great! But on the day of the wedding, who is going to setup and decorate the reception and ceremony site just as you planned? Who is going to make sure all the vendors have arrived on time and have what they need? Who is going to make sure the bridal party is ready to walk down the aisle in the correct order and to the right music? Who is going to make sure the night follows the detailed timeline you spent hours creating? NOT you, your family, or friends. Your wedding day is meant to be enjoyed! You, your family, and friends deserve to celebrate together and no one should have to be the one carrying the clipboard!

Hire a wedding planner for day of coordination to handle all the details on the day of your wedding to make sure all your time and effort spent planning your wedding is executed perfectly while you relax and enjoy the day!

Whenever my husband and I are asked what was the best decision we made about our wedding we both agree it was hiring a Day of Wedding Coordinator!

One Size DOESN'T fit all...

Most wedding planners have a variety of packages to choose from. From full wedding planning and coordination to wedding planning advice sessions in order to meet the needs and budgets of all brides. So whether you want to plan your entire wedding but want to be stress free on the wedding day or you want to have minimal input on the planning process a wedding planner can create packages to meet your needs.

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