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YourLove. YourStory. YourDay.

Rose Gold Events is a full-service event and wedding planning company based in Seattle, Washington; offering a variety of services from vendor referrals to Custom Planning and Coordination. Rose Gold Events believes that it is YourLove. YourStory. YourDay. and is dedicated to making your dreams a reality! Let us handle all the tedious details allowing you to enjoy your special day!

Take a look at our packages you may be interested in. Let us know if you find something that fits or if you want to mix and match - we can tailor our services to fit your needs! Please contact Bailey for a complimentary consultation.

Choosing The Right Venue!

When determining which venue is right for you, the best way to start is by creating a wish list of amenities. Make a chart with all the possible venues and amenities. Check off all the items each venue has to get a side by side comparison. Then setup tours with the venues that meet the most criteria on your wish list. It’s as simple as that!

Below is a list of questions to consider when creating your wish list:

  • What type of venue are you looking for?
  • What location are you looking for?
  • How many guests can it accommodate?
  • Do they offer a ceremony and reception site?
  • Is the venue outdoors, indoors, or both?
  • Is there a backup rain plan?
  • What does their pricing structure look like?
  • Do they have any package minimums?
  • Can you customize your package?
  • Can you bring outside vendors?
  • How is the lighting?
  • Is there enough parking?
  • What are their restrictions?
  • Do they offer a variety of floor plans?
  • Do you have early access to decorate?
  • Do they have staff to help with the cleanup?
  • How late can the event last?

Happy Planning! If you get stuck along the way or would like some advice on how to pick the right venue send me an email, I’d love to help! 

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